I need a good mic

2010-11-27 19:36:29 by latieraeve

So i realize that if im to get more voice work Imma need to get a good mic to make a better demo or something, can anyone tell me a good mic to get, (at a cheep price of corse iz poor)


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2010-11-27 20:21:37

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2010-12-03 17:10:46

danicos you are so full of wisedom, where do you get it!

That aside you won't get an awesome mic cheap, but you can find decent ones. I personally use a Samson C01U, which was 90 bucks from best buy. I've heard some people use that Mic from rockband, if you have that it's decent. Logitech might make a decent quality mic as well. I used to use my headset for voicing but it was rubbish. Sorry I couldn't be more help though :/


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