Bord looken for work

2010-12-08 00:12:43 by latieraeve

Well Im bored and I need something productive to do so I guess Ill just ill just put out a challenge, gemmi a script for a flash and Ill do it dosnt matter how good or bad it is I just wanna get my voice out their...i wont do anything offensive or sexual tho >_>...well maby ill have to see


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2010-12-13 16:39:26

what about the voice for me.You forget that??

latieraeve responds:

:D of corse not just want more


2010-12-22 19:07:43


latieraeve responds:

uh...uh.. No


2011-02-06 01:03:34

Not 100% right now but ill tell you if i got somethin