2011-04-08 15:17:55 by latieraeve

SO iv been having some trubble with the mic i got. Its been getting this random buzzing sound that fucks up everything so i orderd a new one and.... BRoken -_-

SO Im real sorry to anyone IM sapose to do voice work for. I expeted the MIC i Orded NOT to be broken when i got it, so i sugest finding others to for the rolls being that itll take awile for e to get another one (sorry)



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2011-06-09 00:36:48

Try a samson C01U USB studio condenser microphone. It has really good quality. This mic is metal, but lightweight, and it won't snap like that. Also comes with a nice stand. Though you will need to buy your own pop filter.

They sell this mic at Best Buy. I got mine for $40. A bit pricey, but it's worth it.